Entry #1


2016-10-05 03:51:35 by Ayetoons


My Name is Ayetoons  and welcome to my page !

I am a new starting 17 year old Animator that would love to make animations for your enjoyment.  I have been using Flash for quite some time and hoping to make a career with my animations.  I have  good drawing skills which I will be added into my Animations .

It will mean alot if you could follow me to help me with my journey for doing something I love.

also here is my Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealFunnyMario

thank you

- Ayetoons



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2016-10-05 06:36:12

Judging by your YouTube channel URL, you've been around for a while. Thanks for coming to Newgrounds!

Ayetoons responds:

Thank you man :) I've never used newgrounds before and it's by fair the best thing I've ever done


2016-10-06 17:16:37